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A local and highly sophisticated agency.

My Little Sri Lanka started with the encounter of 2 entrepreneurs: Anthony (Sri Lankan) and Samir (French). 5 years ago, Samir went on a trip to Sri Lanka and crossed Anthony's path. They both decided to join forces around an innovative project : My Little Sri Lanka. Their objective ? To develop a local travel agency that would offer an alternative to traditional structures.

We were first interested in the system of personal drivers set up in the country. We have agreed to create an exclusive structure working without any intermediaries and to better remunerate the local drivers. As our agency grew, the services we offered expanded always with one and the same goal: to meet the increasing demands of our travelers and satisfy their needs.

Today, My Little Sri Lanka employs a dynamic team that is constantly growing and learning from their experiences. Our agency offers a whole range of customized services that contribute to the success of your stay in Sri Lanka.
"At My Little Sri Lanka,
Your enthusiasm fuels our expertise."
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COVID-19 (update 04/19/2021)
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Dear Travelers,

Sri Lanka has kept its borders closed for 10 months in order to very quickly control the spread of Covid-19. A measure that will have made it possible to greatly limit the damage and significantly stop any spread of the virus. A heavy sacrifice but which will have borne fruit. For information, the country has so far recorded 274 deaths and 55,000 contaminations since the start of the epidemic.

This Thursday, January 21, 2021, the government officially confirmed the reopening of borders to foreigners. Nevertheless, a certain number of conditions will have to be respected. That is to say:

* A negative PCR test of less than 72 hours
* A test will also be carried out upon your arrival with limited travel to your hotel until receipt of the result
* A third test after 7 days (test at the expense of the traveler).
* A very supervised stay, making it impossible to walk around the island as you see fit. You will be presented with a list of 180 hotels located in 14 zones, inviting you to commit to staying in what the government calls “the Bubble Zones”. You can obviously visit several while respecting a strict transport protocol. Time slots will also be set up for cultural visits reserved exclusively for travelers, thus avoiding any contact with the local population.
* It is only after 14 days and a negative 4th PCR test that you will be able to mingle with the local population.

These are very strong and restrictive measures but which, we hope, will bear fruit and protect the country as much as possible from the virus. It is a first step forward and only the beginning of a reopening. We have to be far-sighted.

You will probably have understood it, under these conditions we will not be able / cannot ensure an optimum reception for our travelers. The very essence of My Little Sri Lanka is to share with you our knowledge of the island and to help you live beautiful experiences in total immersion in the country, becoming one with Sri Lanka, which is unfortunately impossible under current conditions.

We are still very optimistic ! The re-opening may be timid for the time being but it gives us a lot of hope for the future, which will hopefully bring an easing of entry conditions within a few months. We will be there when it happens, ready to welcome you in the best conditions.

We are of course available to answer all your questions.
We look forward to seeing you back with us.

Take care and Love

My Little Sri Lanka team