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Our private drivers service to improve your travel experience.  
We provide you with a personal driver in order to make your trip easier and more comfortable. We invite you to enjoy your Sri Lankan tour without the slightest source of anxiety or frustration. Our most important mission ? To take part in your itinerary, drive you, guide you and advise you throughout your island journey.
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A personalized offer according to your needs.
No extras or surprises!
Our structure is totally independent. The main advantage is that you are in direct relation with your personal driver since there is no intermediary between you and him. The price packages are all inclusive: insurance, fuel, food and accommodation for the driver.
By choosing My Little Sri Lanka, you are choosing a global accompaniment. Our team remains in permanent contact with you and does everything possible to ensure that your stay takes place in the best possible conditions.
Our priority is to provide you with optimum comfort. Our vehicles, all air-conditioned, are exceptionally well maintained by our drivers. You will enjoy travelling the Sri Lankan roads in our vehicles.
Please do not hesitate to contact our drivers at any time, 24 hours a day. While giving you the benefit of a daily mileage of 150 km on average, these professionals will take care of you and ensure your comfort at all times. Always punctual, our drivers will be available according to the schedules that you will have previously fixed with them for the whole of your stay. Loyalty, listening and attention are values that you will appreciate during your stay.
The minimum duration of our personal driver service is 7 days. However, you can contact us directly to arrange for a shorter service. 
You are planning your tour around the island but you have doubts or questions about your itinerary ? To each problem, there is a solution ! My Little Sri Lanka remains available to give you the necessary information and advice about your itinerary. Our agency also offers a service on request : customized tours tailored to your wishes.
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Easy booking !
• Discussion
Our golden rule? Get to know you properly and take the time to discuss in order to best answer all your questions.
• Validation
Our thoroughness ? To seriously study your request, to check availability and to carefully your reservation validate with you.
• Reservation
One all the necessary information has been taken down and listed, you can freely make your reservation request.
• Welcome to Sri Lanka
Once your reservation is confirmed, all you need to do is join us on the island where we will welcome you.

Our vehicles

For your comfort, a selection of recent vehicles, perfectly meeting your needs.
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Perfect for a couple. Very comfortable vehicle with air conditioning and a maximum capacity of 3 people. For optimum comfort, we advise you to be a maximum of 2 people for this vehicle.
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Perfect for a family. Very comfortable vehicle with air conditioning and a maximum capacity of 8 people. For optimum comfort, we advise you to be a maximum of 6 people for this vehicle.
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Idéal pour un groupe d'amis, entreprise ou encore grande famille. Véhicule tout confort disposant de la climatisation et d’une capacité maximale de 9 personnes. Pour un confort optimum nous vous conseillons d’être maximum 7 personnes pour ce véhicule.


  • Cette rencontre a grandement participé à la réussite de ce merveilleux voyage. Merci à My Little Sri Lanka
    Marie-Luce ROYO (avis sur Facebook)
  • Nous recommandons sans hésiter My Little Lanka car très bonne communication avant le départ et aucune mauvaise surprise sur place par rapport à ce qui était convenu.
    Marie Claire Nouvellon (avis sur Facebook)
  • Les échanges avec my little sri Lanka avant le départ on été très bon . L'organisation est parfaite et ce sont des gens très sérieux . Vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés.
    Marie-noelle Noel (avis sur Facebook)
  • Nous avons voyagé avec un ami plutôt qu' un guide.
    Veronique Hardhuin (avis sur Facebook)

Contact us

For any reservation, availability request and all other information concerning your stay. Describe your project as precisely as possible. We will respond as soon as possible.